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North America

A profound odyssey through the Salish Sea’s history and natural wonders, in peak wildflower and wildlife season. While this is the place where Canada’s Pacific history began, this trip delves further, too, to Coast Salish history that’s existed since time immemorial. On this special trip with the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, you’ll explore this cross-boundary region that is gaining international attention. On a 5-day expedition cruise, you’ll visit remote, natural and historic islands that are off the ferry routes, that most never get a chance to see. You’ll learn of Canada’s history in the region, as well as the history that’s existed far longer, the Coast Salish history, as well as the diverse natural history. Here, snow-capped mountains in southern British Columbia and Washington State ring an inland sea, full of intricate waterways among hundreds of warm islands. Upwelling creates food for the denizens of a rich marine world — mammals, seabirds, fish and others. Your guides will be naturalists and historians, including Penelakut elder Florence James. For more information click HERE

This special edition trip, with Canadian Geographic and the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, brings you a VIP resource person (past resource people: Wade Davis, Robert Bateman, Severn Cullis-Suzuki) and special extras. Haida Gwaii (previously Queen Charlotte Islands) is a must-see destination for those who love wildlife, far-flung places and/or northwest coast First Nations culture. This cruise explores it all - from rich intertidal life to rainforests to huge whales that feed here. From hot springs to Haida village sites, including UN World Heritage Site, SGang Gwaay. On this trip you'll have the opportunity to be personally guided on your journey by a cultural expert. The small size of our ships means you'll have one-on-one time with our other expert guides and Haida resource people. For more information click HERE

Photo: Jeff Reynolds

Explore Vancouver Island’s rugged and beautiful north coast with Canadian Geographic explorer, George Kourounis. Go beyond our classic Wild Side itinerary and dive deeper into learning about weather systems and local culture. Brooks Peninsula (a glacial refugium), Solander Island (home to puffins), Kyuquot Sound (including sea otters and the village of Kyuquot), lush inlets and sandy beaches, as well as a cruise around the northernmost tip (Cape Sutil) and on the protected eastern coast. Wildlife includes otters, black bears, whales, sea lions, and seabirds. This trip is for those who love to adventure beyond the norm. It explores a mostly un-roaded area. You’ll walk in the rainforest, beachcomb on the sand, boat into wild creeks that empty into the sea, and cruise around Brooks Peninsula, which juts out almost to the offshore continental shelf. Seven miles off Brooks, the coastal world changes to the oceanic one, and on a fair day we might cruise to the shelf, where the ocean turns from green to blue, and wildlife go to feed in the upwelling (albatross, puffins, fulmars, dolphins). This trip takes place in the traditional territories of Kwakwaka’wakw and Nuu-chah-nulth peoples. We’ll explore indigenous culture and history with our friends from the village of Kyuquot, just a little bit north of Yuquot, or Friendly Cove, where in 1778 the English Captain Cook was the first European to step onto what is now British Columbia. For more information click HERE.

A sweeping exploration of southeast Alaska. Fredrick Sound, Endicott Arm, Warm Springs Bay, and Pack Creek to see humpback whales, a tidal glacier, and brown bears. Travel south into the Etolin Wilderness Area, Myers Chuck, and Ketchikan. Dive into learning of the Tlingit, Russian and American cultural history that now makes up modern Alaska. On this special trip with the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, you will explore the same areas as our regular supervoyage itinerary, but with special extra experiences, benefits from the Geographical Society, and a VIP resource person. (Past VIP resource people include Wade Davis, Robert Bateman, Severn Cullis-Suzuki). For more information click HERE.

Photo: Phil Stone

Journey into one of Earth’s greatest wild places. Robert Kennedy Jr. calls it “the last stand of the great North American rainforest”. It is a land of fjords, mountains, rainforests, and great river estuaries. It is home to grizzlies, wolves and the mysterious white Spirit Bear. This special trip with Canadian Geographic is timed for peak experiences of natural beauty and wildlife. This trip is during the salmon run, when bears and other wildlife are on the coast. You’ll learn photography techniques via lectures and extensive one-on-one tutoring in the field from Canadian Geographic Photographer-in-Residence, Scott Forsyth. On this special itinerary with Canadian Geographic you will explore the same areas as our regular supervoyage itinerary, but with special extra experiences, benefits from the Geographical Society, and a VIP resource person. (Past VIP resource people include Wade Davis, Robert Bateman, Severn Cullis-Suzuki). For more information click HERE.


Cape Town to Victoria Falls with Michelle Valberg
20 days from $6,960 CAD
Departing June 7, 2020

Treat yourself to an epic journey through South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe on Exodus’ Cape Town to Victoria Falls with Can Geo Photographer-in-Residence Michelle Valberg. Meet the friendly giants of the world at the elephant-filled Chobe National Park, trek the lunar landscapes of Deadvlei and capture mantle-worthy shots of Africa’s charismatic wildlife before toasting the trip at one of South Africa’s local vineyards.


Hidden Treasures of Jordan with Wade Davis
12 days from $3,050 CAD
Departing March 13, 2020

An arid land of towering sand dunes, desert castles and a rose-red necropolis awaits on Exodus’ Hidden Treasures of Jordan tour, where filmmaker, best-selling author and RCGS Honorary Vice-President Wade Davis awaits as the ultimate travel companion. Join Wade on an adventure spanning Jordan’s Desert Loop east of Amman, Madaba’s sacred Mount Nebo and the Crusade-era castles of Petra. See the Dead Sea Scrolls, overnight in an authentic Bedouin Camp and snorkel the coral reefs of the Red Sea—all while accompanied by one of the most celebrated explorers in the game. 

Thai Indochina Explorer with George Kourounis
15 days from $3,620 CAD
Departing February 15, 2020

Discover the complex culture and histories of Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand alongside RCGS Explorer-in-Residence George Kourounis on Exodus’ Thai Indochina itinerary. Join him on a guided adventure through the Cu Chi war tunnels as he shares his personal tips on how to expertly capture the ruins of Angkor Wat. Grapple with Phnom Penh’s war-torn past during a visit to the Tuol Sleng museum and the killing fields of Choeung Ek, embark on a jungle trek in Khao Yai and become immersed in the local lifestyle with homestays in the Mekong Delta.

Highlights of Nepal with Javier Frutos
12 days from $3,850 CAD
Departing April 6, 2020

Who better to explore the ancient temples, extraordinary wildlife and medieval cities within the mountaintop kingdom of Nepal than with Javier Frutos, Canadian Geographic’s Creative Director. On Exodus’ Highlights of Nepal special photographic departure, search for tigers, crocs and sloth bears by Jeep, in dugout canoes or on foot. Hike through the rugged Annapurna foothills, ride an ox-cart through the village of Tharu, climb to the World Peace Pagoda on Lake Phewa, and roam the artisan markets of Kathmandu valley where monks chant in the streets.

Highlights of India with Jeff Fuchs
9 days from $3,400 CAD
Departing February 28, 2020

Delve into a world of marble palaces, holy riverbanks, maze-like marketplaces and secretive jungle cats with mountaineer and documentarian Jeff Fuchs on tour of the Highlights of Northern India. Wander the streets of Jaipur, a late 18th century city that features vibrantly coloured streets, then stroll to the former residence of the Maharaja—turned City Palace Museum—displaying ancient royal artifacts. Leave the city behind for a tiger reserve in rural India, where the striped kings of the jungle can be spotted alongside crocodiles, deer and parakeets. In Varanasi—one of the holiest cities in the world—indulge in a massage on the riverbank of the Ganges.


Norway Arctic Lights & Whales with Jill Heinerth
5 days from $4,190 CAD
Departing March 19, 2020

Join filmmaker, photographer and underwater explorer Jill Heinerth beneath the Arctic lights of Norway on this exclusive northern journey. Hone your photography skills with Jill as she shares tales of her incredible adventures on this trip inspired by the original Arctic expeditioners. Try your hand at ice fishing on a remote island, engage in a space mission simulation at the Andoya Space Center, and brave chilly Arctic waters in search of orca and humpback whales. Keep your eyes peeled for the Northern Lights while overnighting in wilderness cabins and guesthouses, then top off the trip with an authentic Nordic meal around a roaring fire in a traditionally-styled Sami teepee. 

Italy’s Chianti Walking & Wine with Gilles Gagnier
8 days from: $2,440 CAD
Departing: June 27, 2020​

Step foot inside a world of vineyards and varietals on the Chianti Walking & Wine experience, led by wine aficionado—and publisher of Canadian GeographicGilles Gagnier. Gilles will lead oenophiles on tastings from the historic streets of Florence to the famous emerald vineyard valleys of Radda in Chianti. Treat yourself to an in-depth exploration of flavour in Italy’s famous Chianti region with vineyard visits, expert-led tastings and culinary classes. Stroll through olive groves and medieval market towns, take in a lecture on Italian wine at the Wine School of Siena, and unwind poolside (glass in hand) each evening at Villa Casalta, a gorgeous converted farmhouse. 

South America

Peru’s Inca Trail with Aaron Kylie
9 days from $3,570 CAD
Departing April 3, 2020​

Follow in the wake of the Peruvian Incas with Canadian Geographic’s Editor-in-Chief Aaron Kylie as your trusted guide on an iconic trek of Peru’s Inca Trail. Join Aaron on a guided tour of Cuzco’s museums and ancient churches, then immerse yourself in the legacy of the Incas with a visit to Sacred Valley, the ruins of Pisac, and the legendary tail itself, with its tiny hamlets, ancient tunnels, the “Gate of the Wind” ridge-top shrine and the ruins of Wiñay Wayna. Finally, reward your efforts with a guided tour of the Lost City of Machu Picchu, one of the great architectural enigmas of the world. 

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