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Can Geo Talks: Fall 2006

“The Iceman Returns to Labrador”
by Jerry Kobalenko

In January 2004, Jerry Kobalenko set out on an extraordinary expedition; travelling solo from Churchill Falls to Nain to test whether his years of travelling in subzero climates by ski and on foot would give him an advantage over a much younger man. Except that the person he was testing himself against was a younger version of himself! It was 20 years ago that Kobalenko skied that same route across the interior of Labrador on his first northern expedition.

On his return trip to Labrador, Jerry travelled exactly as he did the first time — alone, at the same bone-chilling time of year, with no support from airdrops, caches and communications. Imagine what it would be like to be dropped off by helicopter in the middle of a winter landscape? It’s -35°, and the only shelter you have is what you can haul and there will not be another human in sight for 39 days.

Jerry Kobalenko doesn’t just endure such adventures, he revels in them! The Royal Canadian Geographical Society is pleased to present this modern day adventurer, whose incredible photographs and stories are sure to capture and inspire the imagination of everyone attending the presentation.

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Can Geo Talks: Spring 2006

“Father Goose: The WILD life of Bill Lishman”

Bill Lishman aka Father Goose is a Canadian original. Award winning sculptor, film maker, naturalist and inventor, Bill’s presentation will take audiences on an autobiographical journey that includes the incredible story of how he earned the name Father Goose, featured in the film "Fly Away Home", by leading the first experimental migration of Canada geese. Bill is currently working on a project to establish a backup migratory flock of the highly endangered whooping cranes. A world renowned artist, Bill’s works include two award-winning films and numerous works of public art. Nicknamed Wild Bill, it is not surprising that this is the same man who built a 21st century earth-integrated domed home! Join us in welcoming Bill Lishman who describes himself as "a man whose ideas are his next reality".

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