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Can Geo Talks: 1977 to 1999

Fall 1999

“Canoe Country”
James Raffan

“Inuit Astronomy: More than Meets the Eye”
John MacDonald

“Killer Whales”
John Ford

Spring 1999

“Exploring the Wreck of the Titanic”
Steve Blasco

Fall 1998

“The Quest for Inuvik”
J. Keith Fraser

“Le Canada Souterrain”
Jacques Schroeder

“A Walk in the Clouds”
Ed and Jerrine Verkaik

Spring 1998

“Wacky Weather and Why”
David Phillips

Winter 1998

“Beauty of the Tundra”
Denis St-Onge

Fall 1997

“The Land in Dogrib Oral Tradition”
Tom Andrews & John Zoe

“The Life and Expeditions of Capt. Bob Bartlett”
Catherine Dempsey

“Geographical Names of Canada”
Henri Dorion

“One Woman’s Journey through the Northwest Passage”
Victoria Jason

Summer 1997

“Baffin Traverse”
John Dunn

Spring 1997

“From Dream to Reality”
Bernard Voyer

Fall 1996

“Nunanaraja - The Land Within Me”
Norman Hallendy

“La Toundra: Splendeurs d’une région méconnu”
Denis St-Onge

“Women of the Klondike”
Frances Backhouse

Spring 1996

“Arctic Odyssey: One Woman’s Journey through the Northwest Passage”
Victoria Jason

“Voices from the Past: Uncovering the Life of Dinosaurs”
Dr. Dale Russell


Fall 1995

“The Extraordinary Landscape of the Nahanni National Park”
Dr. Derek Ford

“What’s Happening in the Western Arctic?”
Lloyd Binder

“Arctic Adventure”
Alain Saint-Hilaire

“Arctic Adventure”
Alain Saint-Hilaire

“Baffin Traverse ‘94”
John Dunn

Spring 1995

“Geography of the Cosmos: A Voyage to the Edge of the Known Universe”
Terence Dickinson

Fall 1994

“Exploring the Wreck of the Titanic”
Steve Blasco

“The Bernard Harbour - Bluenose Lake Region of the Northwest Territories”
Denis St-Onge

Fall 1992

“Reaching New Heights: The Mount Logan Expedition”
Michael Schmidt

Summer 1992

“A Walk in the Blizzard: Wild Weather Tales of the National Capital Region”
David Phillips

Fall 1991

“High Arctic Odyssey: The Trans-Ellesmere Island Expedition”
John Dunn

Spring 1991

“The Way the Wind Blows: Facts and Legends of our Canadian Weather”
David Phillips

“La prospection minière - profession d’une dignité particulière”
David Phillips

“Putting Canada on the Map”
Louis Sebert

Spring 1989

“The Art of Wildlife Photography”
Tim Fitzharris

Fall 1984

“Northwest Passage Revisted”
Capt. T.C. Pullen

Spring 1984

“Earthquakes in Canada”
Peter Basham

Spring 1983

“Continents Adrift: A Revolution in the Earth Sciences”
Dr. J. Tuzo Wilson

Spring 1982

“The Coppermine River Valley: Exciting History and Natural Beauty of the Barrens”
Denis St-Onge

Spring 1980

“The Extraordinary Landscape of Nahanni National Park”
Dr. Derek Ford

Spring 1979

“Early Man in the Yukon - The First Canadians”
Dr. Derek Ford

Spring 1977

“Tomorrow’s Ocean”
Dr. Joseph B. MacInnis


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