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Spring 2003

“On Top of the World”
by Bernard Voyer, O.C., C.Q.

Bernard Voyer is in a unique position to answer these questions. He has stood at all three poles of the Earth — an accomplishment that only a few people in the world have achieved! He reached the North Pole in 1994, the South Pole in 1996 and on May 5, 1999 he stood on the ‘Roof of the World’, Mount Everest.

In this multi-media presentation, Bernard Voyer will touch on the physical and mental resources required for such expeditions as well as share stories about the lands and the people he has encountered en route.

As an avid skier and mountain climber, Voyer has devoted more than 20 years to expeditions and adventure. His presentations will give a human face to an extraordinary tale of determination that will fuel the imagination of Canadians of all ages.

Trek to the North and South poles, Mount Everest and other high points on the planet through breathtaking photography. Enjoy some of the Earth' s most extreme and beautiful geography in the company of one of Canada's most recognized adventurers.

This inspiring presentation will be of interest to the whole family.

• Bernard Voyer’s Fall 2003 lecture, "Step by Step to the Summit"
• Bernard Voyer, 2000 Gold Medalist
• Visit Bernard Voyer’s web site.
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