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Spring 2002

“Space for Species” by Marc Garneau

IN 1984, DR. MARC GARNEAU BECAME THE FIRST CANADIAN to fly in space. With additional missions in 1996 and 2000, he has spent 677 hours in space. Recently appointed President of the Canadian Space Agency, he has a unique vision for Canada's Space Program.

The Canadian Space Agency is committed to developing and applying space knowledge and technology for the benefit of all Canadians. In particular, Earth and the environment have become the Agency's top priorities. Dr. Garneau will provide a fascinating illustrated overview of our national space program's achievements and explain how Canadian technology is tracking greenhouse gases around the world and addressing wildlife concerns.

Space for Species is one environmental initiative that uses space-age technology to help Canadians, especially youngsters, understand the issues related to species at risk in Canada. As a web-based educational project, it links students with wildlife biologists to monitor the migrations and habitats of several species. Students and others can track the movements of polar bears, peregrine falcons, caribou, common and king eider ducks and leatherback turtles from above the Earth's atmosphere.

Join us for a talk that is both out of this world and in our own backyard! This lively presentation will appeal to people of all ages interested in space or the environment.

Wednesday, April 24 and Thursday, April 25, 2002, at 7:30 p.m.
Centrepointe Theatre, 101 Centrepointe Drive

Reserved seating tickets available
starting Monday, March 25, 2002 at:

The Royal Canadian Geographical Society     Canadian Space Agency

• For more information visit Space for Species and The Canadian Space Agency.
• To view more animals on the edge, go to our Species at Risk page.

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