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Fall 2002

“A Year On Ice”
by Graeme Magor

Photo: John Dunn

Imagine spending a year on a boat locked in ice in the Canadian High Arctic.

Dr. Graeme Magor, veteran of more than a dozen Arctic expeditions, did just that. This was his way to honour an important but little-known Norwegian explorer, Otto Sverdrup, the first European to explore much of the Arctic west of Ellesmere Island. These lands were claimed by Norway until as recently as 1930. Sverdrup's Second Fram Expedition distinguished itself in the heroic age of exploration by placing science front and centre. In turn, Dr. Magor's team addressed the modern arctic context, examining issues such as climate change, isolation psychology and northern habitat.

Dr. Magor will describe his expedition that began by sailing Northanger from Oslo to Ellesmere Island and then included a year locked in the ice with six other intrepid people, including his wife and two-year old daughter. Anyone interested in Arctic expeditions, historical geography, remote adventure or the psychological challenges of spending a year on a small boat will find this illustrated talk both informative and entertaining.

Learn more about the goals and accomplishments of this expedition
• Visit Magor’s website, Otto Sverdrup Centennial Expedition

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