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Research Grants

2013 Research Grant Recipient

Mark Worthing
Cracroft Point Orca video monitoring

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The Johnstone Strait area of northern Vancouver Island is possibly the best known, and one of the most important, orca ( Orcinus orca) habitats in the world. It is officially designated as a critical habitat of the northern resident orca community. The Cracroft Point video monitoring programme provides one of the most unique opportunities, both nationally and globally, for research and education on orca whales, dolphins and other whales.

Beginning July 2013, the three-month research study will use non-invasive land-based methods to monitor orca movements and behaviour on a 24-hour basis to obtain above and underwater video footage of orca whales in their most important seasonal habitat. This project will produce video for online distribution to create greater awareness of orcas and their daily lives; increase understanding of orca behaviour and population ecology using state-of-the-art, remotely stationed, above and below water video cameras; develop educational materials to raise awareness of threats to orca whale conservation and the rich marine life in a West Coast kelp forest; and monitor the effects of marine traffic on whale behaviour and orca health.


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