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Research Grants

Recipients of The James Bourque Northern Doctoral Scholarship


James W. Bourque Studentship (PhD level)
Robert Way
Field and modelling investigations of permafrost conditions in the Labrador region of northeastern Canada

The objective of this doctoral research project is to characterize the distribution of permafrost in Labrador at multiple spatial scales ranging from detailed local investigations to regional modelling of permafrost characteristics. The specific goals include producing maps of regional permafrost distribution for past, present and future climate scenarios using a combination of field-based and modeling techniques applicable to northern Canada.


James W. Bourque Studentship (PhD level)
Adrienne White, University of Ottawa
Interactions between terrestrial and marine ice losses on Northern Ellesmere Island

The objective Adrienne White’s study is to complete an inventory of current glacier extents and recent changes on northern Ellesmere Island, and the examine whether changes in one ice type can have cascading effects on the stability of remaining ice types.


James W. Bourque Studentship (PhD level)
Jonathan Luedee, University of British Columbia
An environmental history of the Porcupine Caribou's transboundary migration since 1900.

Jonathan Luedee’s research focuses on the interaction between human communities and migratory barren-ground caribou is central to the western Arctic’s environmental history. By the end of the 1900s, migratory barren-ground caribou herds were the object of bureaucratic management, scientific research, and technocratic planning. His research traces the temporal and spatial implications of this development by focusing on the history of the Porcupine Caribou Herd.


RCGS Studentship (Masters level)
Genevieve Berard, University of Winnipeg
Application of optical radar remote sensing data to mapping coastal wetlands in subarctic Canada

Genevieve Berard is mapping Hudson Bay’s western coastline to improve our understanding of rising sea levels — knowledge that could help mitigate the impacts of climate change.

James W. Bourque Studentship (PhD level)
Todd Kristensen, University of Alberta
Traditional, historical and pre-contact alpine ecology of the Shuhtagot'ine Dene of the Northwest Territories

Todd Kristensen is searching for artifacts in the thawing ice of the Selwyn Mountains to learn how the Shuhtagot'ine Dene used the land — before the thousand-year-old artifacts are exposed and lost.


RCGS Studentship (Masters level)
Adrienne White, University of Ottawa
Dynamics of the Petersen Ice Shelf, Nunavut

This study will conduct the first comprehensive survey of the Petersen Ice Shelf to measure its extent (from 1950s-2010), thickness, and mass balance. Leading edge technology will be used to improve our knowledge of the response of the Petersen Ice Shelf to current and future climate forcing.


RCGS Studentship (Masters level)
Jocelyn Joe-Strack, University of Northern British Columbia
Methylmercury and sulfur-reducing bacteria in sub-arctic lake sediments

This research will focus on the relationship between mercury and methylmercury with total bacteria and mercury methylating sulfur-reducing bacteria in sub-arctic lake sediments.


RCGS Studentship (Masters level)
Suzanne Jarvis, Wilfrid Laurier University
Hydrology of the Peace River over the past 1000 years from Oxbow Lake sediments, Peace-Athabasca Delta northern Alberta.
James W. Bourque Studentship (PhD level)
Jessica Tomkins, Queen’s University
Climate forcing factors and the records of climate variability in the Canadian High Arctic during the past 2000 years.


RCGS Studentship (Masters level)
Jamie Reschny, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Mining, Inuit Traditional Activities and Sustainable Development: A Study of the effects of the Voisey’s Bay Nickel Mine winter shipping.
James W. Bourque Studentship (PhD level)
Rebecca Turpin, University of British Columbia
Climate variability and barren-ground caribou abundance cycles in the Canadian Low Arctic


RCGS Studentship (Masters level)
Vincent Desormeaux, Université Laval
Les Bases biophysiques historiques et culturelle de la rehabitation du couvert vegetal a Whapmagoostui Québec subarctique.
James W. Bourque Studentship (PhD level)
John Iacozze, University of Manitoba
On the relationship between snow covered sea ice processes and polar bear habitat


RCGS Studentship (Masters level)
Jamie Hogan, University of Saskatchewan
Dynamics of Frozen Ground Processes in a Boreal Peatland
James W. Bourque Studentship (PhD level)
David Hardie, doctoral student in biology at Dalhousie University


James W. Bourque Studentship (PhD level)
Joan Bunbury, University of Ottawa
Surface Sediment Ostracod Assemblages and Water Quality in Lakes in the Southwest Yukon Territory


James W. Bourque Studentship (PhD level)
Hugh Henry, University of Toronto
Ecology of Salt-Marsh Coastal Sinks at La Perouse, Manitoba
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