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Together to the Tundra

Dan Clark, Alice Young Clark, Koby Clark and Ava Fei Clark

(Photo: Courtesy Together to the Tundra 2015)

A family of four, plus two friends, will paddle together to the tundra this summer. The multi-generational group’s 55-day circuit is due to leave Yellowknife in July, along Great Slave Lake and passing through the proposed Thaydene Nene National Park on the historic Pike’s Portage route. The canoe journey’s 1,050 kilometres will include portages, upstream travel, exposed lakes and whitewater rivers.

The 1050km tundra paddling route.
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By paddling through the transition from Boreal forest to tundra the group endeavors to better understand the richness and diversity of the tundra. Their route will arc along a chain of windswept lakes before returning to Yellowknife.

The family – Dan Clark, Alice Young Clark, eight-year-old Koby and six-year-old Ava Fei – will be joined by friends Marilyn Toulouse and Bruce Bembridge. Bembridge has long dreamed of paddling author Ernest Thompson Seton’s routes to Aylmer Lake in the Tundra. Seton is among the explorers that inspired the group.

“Canada’s tundra is too different and distant for most Canadians to understand. The tundra of the North is but a hazy collection of images on the periphery of our Canadian conscience, likely because the vast majority of us live in the well treed and peopled lands along our southern frontier,” the group writes. “Similarly, it is difficult for kids to understand history when surrounded by cell phones and cityscapes, smothered by a world of constant connection.”

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