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Tahltan Leadership Expedition

Mike Schauch (expedition leader), Curtis Rattray, Chantal Schauch, Matt Miles, Tamara Skubovius, Eric Saczuk

The Tahltan Leadership Expedition was a 12-day backpacking trip, involving a multigenerational and multicultural team traversing over the Spectrum Mountain range and Mount Edziza in northern British Columbia.

The physical “learning on the land” journey, in collaboration with the Tahltan First Nation, was completed and filmed in August 2014. Following the expedition, the team worked on film post-production and launched their film d "Colours of Edziza" in February at the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival.

For the rest of the year, expedition leader Mike Schauch and the group plans to promote their film and the festivals playing it, as well as hold speaking engagements and distribute the film through a broadcaster. The rest of the team includes Tahltan leader Curtis Rattray, Chantal Schauch, Matt Miles, Tamara Skubovius and Eric Saczuk.

The group hope their project will help foster environmental conservation through cultural preservation of the Tahltan people and enable learning from an age-old micro-culture.

“The purpose and significance of this project is about bringing to light a people who maintain many of their ancient traditions, ways, and stories, but who also face a near term risk of losing this through modern day economic and resource development,” the group says. “Many of the Tahltan people sustain themselves through their age-old practices, while maintaining a natural balance in one of the last naturally intact places on earth.”

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