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The National Bird Project

Help us determine Canadaís national bird!

There are more than 450 species of birds across Canada, but not one of them has been designated as our national bird — a title that for too long hasnít been made official. Itís time to change that.

Canada has a national arboreal emblem (the maple tree), a national horse (the Canadian), two national sports (lacrosse and hockey) and an animal (the beaver) that is a national symbol. But in nearly 150 years as a nation — and despite the fact that 450 avian species have habitat in Canada — an official national bird has never been named.

To that end, we created this, the National Bird Project, to give Canadians the opportunity to vote for a species they believe would best represent them and their land (and skies).

Visit the National Bird Project website and vote now for Canada's national bird!

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