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Education Programs

The RCGS supports its mandate to make Canada better known to Canadians and to the world through the many activities of its geographic education program. Canadian Geographic Education, the education committee of the RCGS, has been in operation since 1993. Its goals and objectives are:

  • To increase the emphasis of geography in Canada's schools
  • To improve geography teaching methods and curriculum materials
  • To promote the flow of geographic knowledge among educators
  • To increase public awareness of the importance of geographical literacy

CG Education promotes improved geography teaching in Canada’s schools through activities like The Canadian Geographic Challenge, the sponsorship of special training sessions where teachers can upgrade their geography skills and knowledge and the establishment of a communications network linking thousands of teachers across Canada.



Canadian Geographic Education, organizes programs to support teachers in the classroom, endeavouring to increase public awareness of the importance of geographic literacy.

The Classroom Energy Diet Challenge. Students across the country will increase their energy awareness and help improve energy literacy in Canada. Any K-12 classroom can register to compete to win. With our new prize structure classrooms can compete to win more than one hundred prizes totaling $40,000

The Canadian Geographic Challenge is Canada’s largest national student geography competition. It has attracted more than 2 million student participants since its start in 1994.

The Canadian Atlas Online is an online mapping tool with great geography-related thematics such as climate change, weather and Canada’s natural regions. Find great games for students and lesson plans for teachers!



Canadian Geographic Education’s newest set of resources, the giant floor map program, is an innovative approach to teaching Canadian students about geography. It provides students a different type of learning — one that takes them out of the comforts of their classroom and into the great big world of geography.
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Through our publication, Canadian Geographic, The Royal Canadian Geographical Society has leveraged cutting-edge cartography to help Canadians better understand our country, and their place within it. Our maps have played a vital role in telling the Canadian story, and helping us understand and respond to changes and challenges of the day.
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Geographic Literacy Award
Each year Can Geo Education bestows the Canadian Geographic Literacy Award to honour and recognize individual effort in the development, enhancement and/or promotion of geographic literacy in Canadian education.
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