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Gold Medal

How to nominate

All nominations must be submitted on-line.

The Gold Medal recognizes:

  1. a particular achievement by one or more individuals in the general field of geography; or
  2. a significant national or international event. (In this case, the Medal is awarded to an individual or a group of individuals representative of the event).

To make a nomination, please submit the following:

A completed online Gold Medal Nomination Form, including:

  1. A two-page (maximum) nomination letter that:
    1. specifically describes the accomplishment or event in relation to the award criteria
    2. justifies why the individual or group is worthy of the Gold Medal

    This letter is very important in the assessment of the nomination.

  2. An abridged version of the nominee’s curriculum vitae should be attached, and a report of the accomplishment or event may be appropriate. A strictly enforced total maximum of ten (10) pages is available for both the CV and the report. These should be saved as a single attachment.
  3. It is strongly recommended that up to four additional one-page letters of support for particular aspects of the accomplishment or event be included as attachments with the online form.

Properly documented nominations submitted electronically by 11:59 p.m. EST on March 14 will be considered in the medal awarding process. The Committee will retain nominations under consideration for a period of three years.

We encourage you to submit nominations for the Gold medal as we wish to ensure that individual or group accomplishments and events worthy of the award are brought to the Society’s attention. Please look outside your organization, as well as within, when considering outstanding nominees.

Submit your nomination on-line now.

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