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Alex Trebek Medal for Geographic Literacy

2004 Recipient - Dale Gregory

The 2004 winner of the Geographic Literacy Award is Dale Gregory from Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. Dale is a retired geography teacher, who is the Chair of BC/Yukon Chapter of the Canadian Geographic Education.

In this role, Dale has worked tirelessly to offer a program of workshops and resources for BC geography and social studies teachers. Dale has also written the questions for the Geography Challenge for the past 3 years.

Praiseworthy winner
Despite Dale Gregory’s many contributions to the improvement of geographic education — including helping found the Canadian Geographic Education and leading countless teacher workshops and field trips — he was flabbergasted when he learned he had won this year’s CCGE Geographic Literacy Award.

A retired geography, social studies and physical education teacher from Port Coquitlam, B.C., Gregory was also recognized for his work with a CCGE 10th Anniversary Award last year (see “Geo Boosters” below) because of his staunch support of geographic education. “For people to understand what is happening in our global climate and environment,” he says, “they must have an understanding of the basic concepts of geography.”

The Grosvenor Canadian Geography Education Fund donates the $5,000 (U.S.) prize, which is split between the recipient and an educational institution of his or her choice. Half of Gregory’s prize money will go to CCGE's British Columbia and Yukon chapter, which he chairs, to further boost geographic education.

— Erica Simmonds

(Originally published inThe inside story,” Canadian Geographic Magazine March/April 2005)

Dale Gregory has taken teachers around British Columbia’s Okanagan region to show how glaciation created rich fruit-growing soils, to Victoria for weather seminars and near Whistler to learn about tectonics — all to help them teach geography.

“These trips give teachers hands-on experiences and ideas for class field trips,” says Gregory, a retired teacher from Port Coquitlam, who is one of the recipients of the Canadian Council for Geographic Education’s (CCGE) 10th Anniversary Awards for contributions to geographic education and to the council.

Gregory is a founding member of the CCGE and has been chair of its B.C. chapter for six years. He also writes all the questions for The Great Canadian Geography Challenge, a process that has him compiling trivia 10 months a year.

Five other teachers have also been honoured with the award: John Trites (Atlantic), Yves Khoury (Quebec), Linda Gollick (Ontario), Gail Smith (Manitoba/Saskatchewan/ Nunavut) and Wally Diefenthaler (Alberta/Northwest Territories).

Gregory says the CCGE has helped improve geographic education in B.C. “Before the CCGE, there was no teacher-focused group advocating the teaching of geography.”

(Originally published inThe inside story,” Canadian Geographic Magazine Sept/Oct 2004)

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