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Camsell Medal

2008 Winners - Kenneth Boland and Carman Joynt

Camsell Medal recipients Carman Joynt (at left) and Kenneth Boland with RCGS President Gisèle Jacob. The medal is named after Society founder Charles Camsell.
(Photo: David Barbour)
Winners’ circle
The Royal Canadian Geographical Society’s long-time lawyer and auditor both received the Camsell Medal in November for outstanding service. Kenneth Boland and Carman Joynt have served the RCGS for decades, professionally and as volunteers. Boland, an expert in non-profit corporations, was its legal counsel from 1990 until his retirement last summer. Joynt started auditing the Society as a newly minted chartered accountant in 1974 and did so for 31 years.

Boland served on the Board of Governors and now sits on the Finance and Audit committees, while Joynt is a member of the Canadian Geographic Enterprises Management Board and the Board of Trustees of the RCGS Endowment Fund.

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