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The Martin Bergmann Medal for Excellence in Arctic Leadership or Science

2019 Recipient - Dr. Wayne Pollard

Dr. Wayne Pollard

Dr. Wayne Pollard is an accomplished member of the permafrost research community who describes himself, first and foremost, as a field scientist. His ground-breaking publications on permafrost are recognized as foundational works in geocryology and
his research on ground ice, coastal erosion, geochemistry of cold springs, and astrobiology covers a wide range of disciplines and drives the main research questions in permafrost research.

His scores of published articles, conference proceedings and book chapters have contributed to a better understanding of permafrost and groundwater systems in cold polar desert environments, the sustainability of physical and biological systems under current and future climates, and the application of polar landscapes as planetary analogues.

Throughout his career, Dr. Pollard has been committed to advancing knowledge about Canada’s north in collaboration with, and to the benefit of, Northern residents. His mentorship of a generation of experts who now occupy decision-making positions in government, industry, and the academy, ensures that his influence will continue to be felt for years to come.

Dr. Pollard’s research, international by nature, has been instrumental in making researchers from other countries discover, understand and appreciate the Canadian North, thereby enhancing Canada’s international stewardship in Arctic affairs.

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