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Compass Rose Club member Heidi Wyle and RCGS Fellow Wade Davis

Since its first depiction in the late 14th century, the Compass Rose has been inextricably linked to the spirit of ingenuity and adventure that characterizes great exploration. As a symbol deeply connected to the winds, land and seas, a traveler could always count on the Compass Rose to show them the direction in which they were headed.

In keeping with this tradition, the Compass Rose Club has been created to provide enhanced support for the Society, so that it may continue to guide Canadians towards a better understanding of their country, and their place in the world. 

Composed of a diverse group of professionals, leaders, and innovators, the Compass Rose Club provides a unique opportunity for involvement by donors who share a commitment to fostering a love and understanding of our country’s rich geographic heritage, and want to take a more active role in supporting the work of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society.

Compass Rose Club Member Kathryn McCain with Jaime Pyper

Membership in the Compass Rose Club is open to all individuals making an annual gift of $2,500 or more to The Royal Canadian Geographical Society.  This gift can be provided either through a one-time donation, or through monthly giving.

Annual membership in the Compass Rose Club offers:

  1. Regular invitation to all local Society events
  2. Exclusive VIP seating/access opportunities for major Society events, including the annual Fellows Dinner
  3. Guaranteed invitation to any national Compass Rose Club events
  4. Insider updates and briefings about the Society and its programming
  5. The opportunity to meet and network with likeminded leaders and geographical enthusiasts from across the country
  6. Heightened recognition opportunities for support of the Society

Become a Compass Rose Club member today!

For more information about the Compass Rose Club, or about how you can support the work of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society, please contact Sarah Legault, National Director of Development at (416) 360-4151, ext. 378, or by email at [email protected].

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